Thankful… for….?

It doesn’t quite seem like it should be Thanksgiving.  The weather has been too warm (until this weekend), the time too early, the election far too fresh, the mood not quite right.  And yet….here it is.

On an individual level, I struggle with giving thanks.  Life is not as I wished, not as I expected.  My life seems less full, just plain “less” than others.  And yet… and yet.  I have my health (not withstanding plantar in my feet and SAD in my head).  I enjoy my job (mostly). My apt is nice and sunny and cozy, lined with books.  Benny has been a great joy, all 14 lbs of feline affection that he is.  Mom is still alive and healthy, even having barreled past 90 a few years ago.

Nationally, I struggle as well.  I’m concerned both with the outcome of the election and with the tone of the country during the election.  And yet…..despite the challenges, our election was peaceful, our protests within the bounds of what has been done in the past.  In this respect we are far better off than Greece, and their last round of protests. Or any number of African countries where elections lead to coups or riots that destroy have of a capital city.  We are far better off than Syria, in the midst of a civil war longer than ours.  Or Iraq, being slowly carved apart literally and figuratively by ISIS murderers. Or Venezuela suffering through catastrophic economic issues.  Or El Salvador with gang murders. Or North Korea with…..nothing for anyone but Un dear leader.

Are things great?  No.  But I am thankful that they are as good as they are.  That I have the ability to appreciate that, and the ability to change what I don’t like.  That I can take a day (or more) out to thank God that I have been blessed….if I just open my eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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