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Thanks. Given.

It has been longer than I can remember since I was on this site and wrote about anything.  The summer and fall (and now winter??!) seem to have evaporated like a mist in the morning sun.  It has been a time of great stress, struggle, and opportunity to see God at work.  And I had to take the time (make the time) to write this.

The seasons of this year seem to have collapsed into one thread.  Mom falling and breaking her femur.  Hospital. Support, encouragement, tracking care. Her cat, mail. Insurance. 24hrs to find a rehab center. Rehab. Support, encouragement, tracking care. Insurance. The tree that fell on her house, through the roof.  Shock. Stabilize. Insurance. Discharge from rehab. Find assisted living. Move. Support, encourage. Home insurance. Contractors. Furniture. Clothes. Support, encourage. Shopping, supplies. Ad infinitum.

Through it all, although sometimes not immediately at the time, I’ve seen the hand of God in the timing, the sequence, the types of events. And I’m grateful, thankful, for what He has shown me.

That mom was holding the phone when she fell, and could dial 9-1-1. That there was surprisingly little pain for her, allowing her to remain calm, and comfortable-ish.  That she could call a neighbor to let the paramedics in without breaking a window or the door (one less problem with which I’d have had to deal). That the closest hospital was on by-pass, sending her to a better one.  That my work slacked off at just the right time for the time that I couldn’t be there. That there was a transportation goof on a Tuesday that meant she wasn’t able to be discharged from rehab on Monday…which would have been the Monday after the tree came down. That she wasn’t in the bedroom when the massive tree came down. That I had a full two weeks to find a place for her to go upon discharge.  That there was a quiet, sunny room in an assisted living facility close to me, that allowed a cat,  a quiet.  That I’ve had to deal with home repairs and insurance rather than medical crisis and pharmacological challenges.  That the issues that I’ve had to deal with fall within my “skill set” and didn’t involve dealing with dementia, or physical care of mom by me. That the renovation would, ultimately, improve the resale of the house.

In particular, I remember waking one night and tossing and turning, thinking about all that needed to be done, what I had to handle.  And in that time, in one of the rarest of my moments with God, He planted in my head a verse “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13). My anxiety dissipated, and I went back to sleep, assured that He who had helped guide me and give me strength would continue to do so.

There is a lot to be thankful for this holiday. And there will continue to be thanks given for all this.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂



Thankful… for….?

It doesn’t quite seem like it should be Thanksgiving.  The weather has been too warm (until this weekend), the time too early, the election far too fresh, the mood not quite right.  And yet….here it is.

On an individual level, I struggle with giving thanks.  Life is not as I wished, not as I expected.  My life seems less full, just plain “less” than others.  And yet… and yet.  I have my health (not withstanding plantar in my feet and SAD in my head).  I enjoy my job (mostly). My apt is nice and sunny and cozy, lined with books.  Benny has been a great joy, all 14 lbs of feline affection that he is.  Mom is still alive and healthy, even having barreled past 90 a few years ago.

Nationally, I struggle as well.  I’m concerned both with the outcome of the election and with the tone of the country during the election.  And yet…..despite the challenges, our election was peaceful, our protests within the bounds of what has been done in the past.  In this respect we are far better off than Greece, and their last round of protests. Or any number of African countries where elections lead to coups or riots that destroy have of a capital city.  We are far better off than Syria, in the midst of a civil war longer than ours.  Or Iraq, being slowly carved apart literally and figuratively by ISIS murderers. Or Venezuela suffering through catastrophic economic issues.  Or El Salvador with gang murders. Or North Korea with…..nothing for anyone but Un dear leader.

Are things great?  No.  But I am thankful that they are as good as they are.  That I have the ability to appreciate that, and the ability to change what I don’t like.  That I can take a day (or more) out to thank God that I have been blessed….if I just open my eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving.