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Quiet summer morning
Day dawns cool and pleasant
Breakfast for two
Outdoor eating
Watching the world rush by
Eating slowly
All the carrion the world
Two vultures in the median strip



The other day I was on WordPress looking at postings, and looked at the statistics on my page.  I realized that, mid-way through April (okay, 2/3’s of the way through) I’ve only had one post.  I don’t know why I haven’t blogged more, but clearly I’m way below average even for my lackluster publishing.  I’m not sure why, unless it’s just sloth.


Now the idea of me being a sloth would amuse many people.  My current boss is amazed at how many projects I tackle. My previous boss, who I clashed with frequently, said that he’d only need a two person division if everyone did as much as I did.  And yet… I am, stalled in writing again.

It’s not a lack of ideas; Lord knows I’ve so many ideas and things about which I want to write and explore.  I have piles of articles, notes, drafts all waiting for publishing.  It just seems that recently, even with the advent of spring, even with the brighter days, when I get back to the apartment I just want to sit with the cat and chill until it’s time to go to bed.  The number of times I’m drifting off with Benny is surprising to me (it’d be even more but he has this tendency to feel the loss of muscle tone as I drift off, and yowls at me which then wakes me up).

I know. First rule of write club is to write.  I’ve violated it.  Again.  Yet again.

Well, I guess this is the first effort at kick-starting the process again.  At worst it was a good excuse to post a cute sloth picture 🙂

More to come, I hope.

“…over, a new one just begun.”

And so we reach 2017, and I start a new year of blogs.  I hope that I continue to blog at the pace I did last year.  I thought it was a doable pace, and one that worked out despite the issues of logistics that I had with the libraries that I go to in order to create.

I would like to expand my writing.  I know there will still be writing on politics; I have such a different view of them that I can’t help but try to articulate it.  And of course there will be blogs and reblogs about sustainability and things green (please don’t confuse this with Gog and Magog…brownie point for getting the reference!)  I think there will be a few on faith; I’ve been mulling some over and I think I’m ready to put them down for consideration.

When I first starting blogging  years ago, a good portion of material was what I would call “creative writing.” It was inspired through my helping my daughter find her voice in writing.  Since her departure from my life, I’ve had very few occasions to practice that skill, but perhaps if I become more cognizant of the desire, the desire will come.

And so….here starts a new year, a new round of thoughts, a new voyage to the unknown year 🙂


“..another year over, a new one…”

And so this is the end of the 2016 blog.  My next post will be in 2017, a year filled with…God only knows what will transpire in the new year.

I do know that at least on my personal front, I managed to meet a goal, accomplish my target.  I wanted to write more this year. And I did manage to write more.  The average was just over one a week.  Yes, a couple of months only had three, while one had seven (!) but I still was able to sit down and write more. I’m glad.  I don’t know if it did anything for anyone else (I hope it did) but it helped me by allowing me to process, express, consider, respond, etc.

I hope that next year I do as well. Maybe better.  Maaaaybeee 🙂 If I continue to average once a week I’ll be good.  Perhaps I’ll crack 2000 view…I know, not much compared to many I know and follow, but still a nice metric for me.  And 72 countries, which also pleases me.  So on to the new year, new blogs, new topics, new themes.

Happy new year folks.



I’ve shared previously on how I tend to use the library for blogging, and how the renovation of the Central Branch has forced me to change my routine. I adapted to that change better in June and July than I expected I would.  Creativity and determination flowed!  (yes, I know, 4 or 5 or 6 blogs a month is not a great production for many, but as an engineer unaccustomed to creative writing, it is a great milestone for me!).  I was on track to survive the changes, survive the disruption……..

Or not. Here it is the end of October and …..I’m still out of my routine.  Apparently, library renovations work similarly to home renovations, taking longer to finish than anticipate.  At least that’s what I’m surmising from the change in the date of the re-opening of the Central Branch.  Originally it was set for early September, just after school started.  I even stopped by that weekend, only to find a still empty parking lot and still shuttered doors.  I went on line (which I should have done earlier, yes I know, thank you very much) and discovered it would be early October.


Okay, I can survive it another month.  And my production of pieces in September suggests that I was able to keep the new routine going.  But then it moved from early October to mid….to late…and now to early November.  Will this dangling promise ever be done?  Do they have Michelangelo giving the completion date to Pope Julius?

I’m frustrated that I lost my blog mojo in October because of this. I put off work at the East Columbia Branch because I wanted to be back in my familiar haunts. The delay caused me to slip, to neglect, to ignore the writing I wanted to do.  The pending dark of Eastern Standard Time isn’t going to help me get back into the groove either, as the promise that Winter is Coming only brings with it the promise of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that accompanies the loss of daylight and warmth.

Grumbling only helps a little.  But grumbling in writing, that helps more because at least I’m writing.   Perhaps I’m finally going back to the First Rule and reminding myself of it yet again.

And aren’t you glad at least that I’m not writing about the 1000-day Siege of the 2016 Election? 😀

Routinely …..ruined

I can’t write anymore.  It’s the library’s fault.  Really.  How ironic is it that a library has actually stopped someone from writing?

Perhaps I should explain.

I typically stopped at the Central Branch of the library when I wanted to work on my blog.  I stopped on my way home from work, because it is in a pretty convenient place considering my drive home.  Writing there allowed me to focus a little better, because I only had the blog to think about while I was there.  No food distractions calling to me (no Doritos allowed in the computer areas), nor deciding what music to play (a quick Pandora smooth jazz if I wanted any sound).  Very importantly, there was no 16 lb orange and white tabby cuddle muffin who wanted attention or petting.  While occasionally there were distractions of noisy teens, or the person next to me needing librarian assistance (why are the librarians the loudest talkers in the library?!), it was generally a good place to go.  On top of that, stopping by after work and before I got to the apartment meant I wasn’t tempted to take a walk, go to sleep, go out to eat…but kept me on a short time leash since I needed to write and then go home and do those other things.


But I can’t now.  The Central Branch library is undergoing a renovation and is closed for three or four months (I wonder about that.  Renovations always take more time than you expect).  I could go to the next closest East Columbia branch, but it is not the same.  It is harder to get to coming home from work from a traffic standpoint.  It is much louder, and has a less desirable layout (which contributes to the noise issue).  The rhythm that I was in is now disrupted, thrown asunder by the renovation.

Yes, I know.  First world problem for sure!  Still, it IS a change in routine, and just when I was getting better at setting aside time to blog.  I know I’m not going to give this up for the four or five months of the change, but it does mean that I have to figure out how to manage this new challenge.  At least now I realize the change, and realize that I need to slog through on the blog if I still want to write.  And I DO want to write, at least based on the piles of clippings and ideas I still have hanging around in the apartment.

So this is the first blog of the new location.  No different to you.  But pretty different to me.

Onward 🙂





Snow delayed

It’s been a lot longer since I posted than I intended. I have been pretty pleased with progress on writing more frequently in 2016…at least until the last couple of weeks. My falling of the wagon, or dropping of the pen (which would be more accurate, since I still tend to write longhand cursive the blog before I convert it to electrons on a computer) was due to a couple of factors.

First up was work, which seemed to suck up time and suck out life at a faster than anticipated rate for a week or two. The second event was the blizzard. It seems to have thrown off my rhythm and pace of writing. Not that I couldn’t have written during the storm and the dig out. I could have, and probably should have. But instead I hunkered in and hibernated during that week. I grew lazy and bonded with my sweat pants and claimed dominion over the futon. I became a cushion for a large orange feline to reside upon, became a coddler of my cuddler.

Time moves on though. Cleared streets allow me no respite from the call of work. The daily routine returns to its rinse and lather and repeat. And so now it’s time to start writing once again.