Library misconnection

It has turned out to be a bigger frustration than I ever expected. The new Central Branch has finally opened after renovation. I thought this meant I’d be able to once again easily and conveniently return to blogging!

I was wrong.

While the library LOOKS great, the internet connection since the reopening has been terrible. Even before East Columbia closed, even when Central had very few patrons on the computers, it was s l o o o w loading anything. Even their own home page could take ten or fifteen seconds to load, and there were delays after that in loading Google, WordPress, etc.

Now that East Columbia has been closed, it’s really becoming quite annoying that sites that were formerly so easy to access now have become quite difficult to connect. For the past week or so they have even posted on signs that the internet is going in and out (although strangely when you call, they aren’t aware of this). I try to type, to search, to work, and I get……nothing, just a spinning circle trying to load.  Even this short post took 5 attempts to load a picture, and three attempts to get the editing done.

I know this is a first world problem. At the same time, I’m not the only person who needs the patron accessed computers to do work. Every time I’m in here now I see someone who is staring at a screen waiting for it to load. I know there are always bugs after these types of things, but after a couple of months I think they should be able to get the internet to stay up.

Come on award-winning library, let’s get connected!



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