Two Days

Yesterday.  Quite surprising.  Dreary.  Gray. Depressing. Difficult.

Today.  Quite different. Warm. Hopeful. Encouraging. Upbeat.

The two days could not have been more different.

But weather in Maryland is like that. (yes, I had to set it up that way 🙂 )

It also works to describe politics, and the state of the union. And much as we need to handle and manage the changes in weather, we need to handle them in politics, too.  I admit to not understanding the meaning of the election, beyond the obvious that more Electoral College votes went to Trump. There are casual, surface-level conclusions (anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner, pro-white, pro-isolation) but I’m not yet convinced that they all hold.  There are deeper, more root-cause aspects (disenchantment, depression, change-aversion, disparity) and those need to be examined and discussed.  I’m not yet ready to believe that half of the country views immigrants, people of color, non heterosexuality, and non-Christian religions as inferior, unwanted, and targets of persecution.  Maybe that is the conclusion, but I haven’t reached it. It does challenge me to think about it more broadly, more deeply, more carefully than the past two elections. And to remember…..

Tomorrow is another day.





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