Lose-Lose :(

Well, I voted.


I hope this is the most objectionable election I ever have to go through, because I doubt I can take it getting worse. A pox on both their houses (little me bring a little Shakespearian civility into this at least).

And to make matters worse, I know this is a lose-lose proposition.

One candidate has no governmental experience, or working in collaborative environments.  Worse, there is frequently a thinly disguised vein of woeful contempt for the government, along with a lack of understanding of how it works. Practically unforgivable is the calling of the election process rigged, poisoning the well of the American process as well as public opinion before any voting begins. Combined with a tendency for impolite, impolitic, downright rude verbal proclamations, and the dysfunctional mess that is our current Congress will only get worse.

The other candidate has a stellar resume, yet has made some jarringly poor decisions. On top of that, the candidate bears the stigma of gender, of following the first African-American president, and her own spouses baggage. We’ve had eight years of showing we weren’t ready for a racial minority as president; I can only imagine how a gender trend setter will be viewed.  The opposition is already talking about impeachment hearings and trials, before the election even begins — the same opposition that has spent the past 8 years raising issues of birth, religion, and anything else to inhibit the process of government.

It’s lose-lose.  No matter who wins, there will be little in the way of civility or effective progress in the next four years.


One response to this post.

  1. Well, I took the plunge and voted and walked out feeling sick to my stomach. I hate making a decision on the lesser of 2 evils. If there are already talks of impeachment hearings, I’m at least glad that I voted the way that I did….my bad candidate selected a really good VP candidate that I wouldn’t mind having run the country. If you can call that a silver lining, I’ll take it and hope for the hearings to begin.


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