It’s Back! Finally :)

I sit here this morning in the newly re-opened Central Branch library.  I FINALLY have a branch on the way home from work that is easy to get to!  Yay!!!  Although I know this means the East Columbia Branch will soon close, so crowds may be an issue still 😦

I will say, it is not at all what I expected.  It is, to me, a bit odd, a bit retro in design, but still interesting.  The space is very open, the walls now either uncovered brick or windows. The computer stations are more central, and adjacent to the open seating space (which I fear will be a noise issue)  The overhead lighting is the same, although the dark back-end of the upper floor is now more day-lit. In a couple of spaces the other-wise isolated windows are now more available to provide light to the whole floor since the shelves are aligned to better allow daylight penetration. The color scheme I suspect was intended to be more whimsical, although it does have a retro feel, which perhaps is not surprising given the age and design of the exterior of the building.

I still need to ask around to see if the building was renovated under LEED guidance as a green building (I’m suspecting not, but who knows, perhaps I’ll be surprised).

However….and maybe this is bad….three days before the election I’ll have a more convenient local from which to blog.

Welcome back library 🙂






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