Ned Talks :)

Yes…that was  a deliberate play on the Ted Talks title 😀



The Howard County Library is once again having a good speaker session at the LEED Gold Miller Branch on Thursday October 20.  Local author and naturalist Ned Tillman will be speaking  on “Saving the Places We Love”, his second book (third is in the works!).  I haven’t read this one, but his first book “The Chesapeake Watershed” was a great multifaceted talk about the history, geology, biology and function of the Chesapeake Bay and the watershed that feed it.  I particularly like the discussion of the Patapsco River Valley from a natural and historical perspective. It is not a great stretch to read that book and understand how the terrible Ellicott City flood of this summer came to be so devastating.


I’d recommend coming out early…if you haven’t walked on the green roof of the Library, it is a gorgeous pieces of extensive green roof, wonderfully planted and tied into the patio, and the interior carpet to evoke the waters of the valley.




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