Customer care…heard and remembered

I learned a long time ago that it helped me to voice my displeasure, and satisfaction, with customer service.  It allow me to let it go, and sometimes it allows things to change because the hearer of my compliant or compliment pays attention.

Celestial Seasonings pays attention 🙂

I wrote to Celestial Seasonings a while ago about their new marketing campaign that eliminated the traditional art work on the boxes for a newer, fresher design.  I didn’t like it.  I have been a fan of the traditional art for years.  And years.  And Y E A R S.  So I wrote and told them I didn’t like the switch.

Apparently, I was not alone 😀

They have switched back.  “The Magic is Back” as they say, and I’m pleased that they have listened to the customer base and switched back.  The tea never changed, so this isn’t like the New Coke/Old Coke fiasco.  This is just about the image.  I was surprised that I got a letter from their General Manager, announcing the change and thanking me for commenting.

Wow.  Not only did they listen, not only did they change, but they remembered those who commented and wrote them.  Pretty attentive marketing there!

So how enthusiastic am I about the brand?

I have their magnets on the door of my refrigerator.


I have turned coasters into art above the vestibule of the kitchen.


I have turned box tops into kitchen art work.


I have turned postcards into framed art in the kitchen.


And I have three mugs I use for drink and decoration.

Customer for life?  You betcha.  Remember this?  You betcha.  Will continue to voice both concerns and compliments?  Dang straight I will!

It kinda made my day 😀


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hmunro on September 26, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    I never thought I’d meet another Celestial Seasonings fanboy. 🙂 My collection isn’t anywhere near as extensive or inclusive as yours, but I do love the “traditional” artwork. Thank you for taking the time to speak up — and congratulations for getting the company to listen.


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