Disingenous Donald

It was an unexpected (?!!) turnabout, a course reversal the Millennium Falcon couldn’t have made.
“President Obama was born in the United States. Period.”


And with that exclamation there was a shift in the political axis of surprising proportions.  For over 5 years The Donald had directly and indirectly supported the slur that the President was not born in the United States.  For many years it had been a staple question raised to throw shade on Obama’s qualifications, his election and his time in office.  It was likely also a not-very-subtle racist attack.  It was raised overtly in The Donald’s interviews, in announcements, and in offers of reward money. The issue was also raised in an underhanded, sneaky way, through the rouse of “many people say…” or “some say that..” or the “I don’t know but…”, a disingenuous way of raising the topic while trying to avoid taking responsibility for the questioning.

And now, with no new data, no new facts, no new discoveries….it’s over, by Imperial fiat.

How manipulative and disingenuous — and disturbing. Politicians changing opinions on topics and issues are hardly uncommon.  But it is almost never done so dramatically with so little explanation…or with such hubris in declaring that this was the definitive answer and everyone should be happy that he ended the debate, without even acknowledging that he had perpetrated it for years.  It no longer served his need, so it was discarded.  Well, it did serve his needs; he got media attention and coverage for his new hotel, which he touted for considerably longer than the announcement itself.  If there was doubt that this was just a massive PR effort for his hotel, consider that he was asked several times in the days leading up to this about disavowing the position.  And he consistently declined.

Interestingly, both the right and the left of the spectrum are left with questions about what he stands for.  Does he really disavow this, or will he change his mind in front of another crowd, or to gain another position?  Is this just another one of his games, showman ideas, smoke and mirrors positions, or did he use the attacks in the past to get attention and, now that it is less advantageous, he wants to bail on it?

Too many questions, too many problems.  Too bad we can never know.





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