It’s Benny year…

It has taken me far longer to get around to writing this blog than I anticipated.  I actually told one follower, Heather,  that I would write this…oh, months ago.  But in this case, I need to blame the subject for the delay, for time has not been as free these days as it used to be.


I’ve had Benny for a year now.  I got him at the very end of July last year, after a long couple of years of searching.  I had been spoiled by my girlfriends two cats when they were here.  They were, together, the most amazing cats I’ve known.  Both of them were large, over 14 lbs, and both affectionate.  In fact, Butterscotch was essentially a dog, for anytime you got near her she’d roll over and expose her belly for rubs. Having them in my life for a while convinced me that, perhaps, for the first time in my life, I would like to get a pet.  Finding a similarly tempered, equally affectionate and sized one, took a while.

Benny had been turned into the animal shelter at the age of 9, ostensibly due to allergies in the home he’d been in since the age of 1 year.  He’s a bit over 15 lbs….so the larger size that I wanted after Lionel and Butterscotch I found!  Still, I always wonder what it is like for him: new home after so many years, new human (and only one human at that), no other animals, smaller space (apartment instead of a house).  So much change for the poor guy.  I still wonder sometimes what goes on in his head.

He is quite the addition to my connection-impoverished life!  First, he is affectionate and not stand-offish.


Every morning we sit and he either nuzzles his head into my chin and beard and purrs while I pet him, or buries his head into my knees while I pet him before I go to work.  And this was the case from the first day….the first “selfie” I took of him was upside down in the space between me and the sofa arm, belly up and the wide expanse of white exposed.

day 1 upside down

He is also oh-so vocal!  I WISH I knew what all his sounds meant.  A couple I have figured out, at least well enough to mimic.  The staccato “Ahrow.  Ahrow. Ahrow.” when he sees birds outside the window.  The short, “arrggh”that he gives me in the morning after he’s eaten and gotten off my lap from our cuddle time.  The more traditional “rararow …rararow …..rararow” of the hungry guy when waiting for dinner.  But there are a number I don’t get.  The deeper “rarooooh” he sometimes does during the evening.  And the ventriliquistic “oww………oww………..oww” he does without moving his mouth.

fat cat

He does make writing more difficult, for no reason other than he is just such an attention hog that sitting and petting and being with him takes a lot of spare time.  He does make reading more difficult; holding a newspaper is impossible but at least my paperback books can be held with a single hand off to the side.  But I’m learning. I’m enjoying the time I spend with him, some of his quirks and idiosyncrasies.  Although there are times where I do tire of his LOUD yelling at me that he wants more food!   Still, he seems to be okay with having me, and I of him.

It’s been a good year . Benny really good year 🙂




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