Light observation

It occurred to me the other week that I have lived in my apartment for a long time.  In fact, I have lived in my 900 sq ft longer than any other single location in my life.  I moved into the apt as part of the “out of the house” separation prior to the divorce.  That means it has been my domicile for ten years.  It has been my home for only four, because it wasn’t until a serious, weeks long illness in 2012 that I “bonded” with the place and learned to be okay, comfortable, even happy (gasp!) with it.  In one sense I’m surprised it has been so long.  In another…..I’ve forgotten much of what other places were like.


With that as background, I had a light thought the other morning.  I was getting ready for work when I noticed that one of the five lights over the vanity was burned out.  Not an unusual thing –except that it was.  You see, in the ten years that I have been in the apt, this is the FIRST time that a light in the bathroom has burned out.  How can I be sure?  Because it is a non-standard bulb, and it’s one I know I have never had to buy before.  In fact, it is such an odd bulb I’m going to ask building management to replace it.


How did this happen?  I have to wonder, because that light is ALWAYS used!  Every morning it comes on while I shower, shave, get dressed.  Every evening I turn it on when I wash and brush.  Any time during the day when I’m home from work, it is on when I use the bathroom.  For ten years.  And now….the first one goes.   What made these so resilient?  Why did they last so long when the lamp bulbs in the living room and the bedroom get changed out every couple of years?

Just something light to think about 🙂


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  1. Posted by hmunro on July 8, 2016 at 12:21 am

    10 years! It’s amazing that one light bulb would last that long — let alone five of them. Who knows what deep symbolism this may have? I’m just glad to read that you’ve bonded with your apartment, and that you’re happy there.


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