4th and 7

No, this isn’t a football story, although that was clearly in my mind when I came up with the title 🙂 Rather, this is about two things that I wanted to comment on today.

First, despite the issues of my regular blogging spot being shut down for renovations, the month of June was exceptionally productive for me as a blogger.  Seven posts, including four that were my thoughts (along with two reblogs and one smile inducing picture set).  Not bad for being out of my routine!

Second, Happy 4th of July.  This country has gone through an awful lot recently –terrorism, politics, unrest, malaise (I dislike the word, but it does work).  We will likely go through a lot more.  And yet, we have survived for 240 years against all odds and enemies, foreign and domestic.  This is still the place to where everyone wants to come (which is its own problem).  Despite this, we persevere.  We have fought long odds, we have fought terrible ideologies and ideologues and demigods.  And will continue to.  But for now, let us realize the good and positive that we still are and still have, and focus on expanding and continuing it. For ourselves and others.

Happy 4th of July.




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