Purple passion…..less

Yet another music icon has died.  Certainly 2016 has been, it seems, exceptionally unkind to the veterans of the music industry.  You’d think that the Starks had adopted the industry.  No category (well, perhaps except  opera) has been spared either it seems…Prince, Bowie, Haggard, Paul, White.  Yet again legions of fans mourn, reminisce, and give tributes to the great talents, the great people, the unforgettable, the incomparable, the historic ……

Except me.

And I wonder what’s wrong with me.

I’ve listened to music for decades.  I remember the songs from first grade.  I remember the song I woke to in 9th grade, the song from French class in 12th grade, the styles I was exposed to from girlfriends: George Benson, Little Feet, Florence and the Machine.   I listen to many, if not most, genre – from classical to new age, rock and roll to heavy metal, EDM, musicals, country, cross-overs, Sinatra, Gypsy Kings, Edith Piaf. When I don’t have music playing it’s an odd thing in the apartment or car.  And yet…..I’ve been aware for many years now that while I listen, I’m not a follower, a fan, a devotee of anyone.  I listen but can not, or have not, grasped the distinctions, the differences, the genius, the innovation.

It’s just that when it comes to understanding how music works, the details of the artists, I become John Snow.  I know nothing.  Perhaps it’s wider than that.  This same lack of depth and intensity extends to sports (although I follow the Ravens, Terps, Spirit, O’s). Or literature. Or the Bible and faith.  Even to history which I read voraciously.  I know the topics, appreciate them, enjoy them.  But get into them in deep depth….no.  Not even my acknowledged passion of sustainability and green buildings do I have what I think is minutia-spewing knowledgeable level skill.


It is puzzling, and to some degree it bothers me.  It’s difficult to decide if this is due to too broad a range of interests, or too little focus due to sloth.  Is it a memory disorder that bodes ill for my future life?  Is it a resource, compilation or integration due to the breadth of interest,  yet untapped? Is it just a desire to be able to talk to people about whatever they want?  I don’t know.  I’ll bet I have more books on the Russo-Finnish War of 1939 than anyone else in Maryland….but can’t quote locations, data, details on any of it (and it’s not just due to the difficult nature of the Finnish language, as formidable as it is!).

Lesson?  I don’t know.  Maybe there is none.  Maybe it just is. Maybe it’ll make sense one day.  Or not.





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