Food Critic….Redux

It was with some surprise that I found myself in the position to reprise my role as food blogger and critic once again.  My first one was fairly recently, but since food is not my primary blog topic (wait….I have a primary blog topic?!) I was not expecting to do it again so soon.

One of my favorite restaurants is closer to me!  Starting today, Noodles & Co. is in Columbia Mall!  Surprisingly, it has taken up residence in the food court, between Chick-fil-a and Arby’s.  The blogging community was invited to partake in their pre-opening shakedown yesterday, and as the ever frugal single guy needing a good meal, I of course took them up on it!


Since this was intended to be a branching out for me, I went with something new.  Rather than my normal go-to meal (the one that I always go to because it is uniquely available there and I just love it) of beef stroganoff, I opted for a different choice. For an opening, I went the tomato basil bisque, and for the main course the Tuscan Fresca with Parmesan crusted chicken.  Both were stellar choices.  The bisque was tangy, with a nice body.  The Tuscan Fresca, which I did with parmesan cheese, had a great cheese taste.  I have confidence that the other options will be as delicious as normal.  I know I’ll be back, since my only real problem with the original location on Dobbin was the distance from my apartment.  This location will be a great on-the-way-home spot for good. satisfying food.

Thanks to Noodles & Company for inviting the bloggers out!  And an extra special shout out to the heart beat of the HoCoBlogs community, Jessie Newburn (seen here on the right) for helping to make this ( and all the great blogging events) happen!

And tonight I’ll have a little bit of leftovers 🙂







3 responses to this post.

  1. Good choices, indeed. Beef Strog is my usual, too! Their garlic bread is da bomb! Plus, the Bacon Mac is rather impressive but no longer on the menu. They still make it on request!


  2. Glad you made it out!


  3. I had the tomato bisque, too. It was great!


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