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I have a  couple of blog topics formulating, but this weekend are two blog related items that I thought would be worthy of mentioning before the weekend was over.

First, the wonderful HoCoBlogs group has the opportunity to try a new restaurant in the area!  Nalley Fresh is opening up at Dobbin Center, and the bloggers have been invited to visit and write.  Wonderful!  What could be better than eating food and writing about it?  And the type of food…point and pick salad!  Yay!  This should be interesting, because I always need more salads, and the idea of picking what you want to go in it appeals to me.  I remember years ago a place in the Mall where you could do that, and it was great.  I look forward to doing it again, and telling the reading world what it was like.

The second item was the notice I saw that this iteration of my blog has now hit 100 posts. We tend to put stock in major numbers, round numbers, even numbers, etc.  so I suppose I should celebrate somehow.  I know the blog isn’t a major trender (THAT is an understatement!) but it still serves a useful role in my life.  And I’m grateful for the starting of version 1 back in 2010, and this version in 2013.  Now if I could just get around to publishing this in paper, just for the experience and to share with my daughter if she ever wants to see it.

So as I start into the second hundred blogs, I do so looking forward to fresh, individually designed salads to report on!  And a sunny weekend to boot 🙂



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  1. What a great idea, to invite bloggers to come eat and write! Hope it catches on in my area!


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