Snow delayed

It’s been a lot longer since I posted than I intended. I have been pretty pleased with progress on writing more frequently in 2016…at least until the last couple of weeks. My falling of the wagon, or dropping of the pen (which would be more accurate, since I still tend to write longhand cursive the blog before I convert it to electrons on a computer) was due to a couple of factors.

First up was work, which seemed to suck up time and suck out life at a faster than anticipated rate for a week or two. The second event was the blizzard. It seems to have thrown off my rhythm and pace of writing. Not that I couldn’t have written during the storm and the dig out. I could have, and probably should have. But instead I hunkered in and hibernated during that week. I grew lazy and bonded with my sweat pants and claimed dominion over the futon. I became a cushion for a large orange feline to reside upon, became a coddler of my cuddler.

Time moves on though. Cleared streets allow me no respite from the call of work. The daily routine returns to its rinse and lather and repeat. And so now it’s time to start writing once again.


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