Farmers rush to bring food from the fields to the market, knowing that consumers are enamored with fresh food.  Fields to table is even the new “in” thing

Fishermen rush to bring fish to market.  Old fish are good for not much more than fertilizer.

Words are no different.  My problem this past year (well, one of my problems with the blog this past year…let’s keep this on track!) is that it takes me too long to bring my views to market.  My produce is wilted and my fish smell.  Somehow I need to learn to condense and package my thoughts while the topic is still fresh in people’s mind….and in mine.  I wonder how my perspectives change as I let it sit and marinate, versus getting it out faster.


Solving this takes purposefulness.  I need to take time to write when the mood strikes, and when It doesn’t.  I need to return to my written journal, so that I can start processing the thoughts and letting them flow.  I also need to take time to blog.  There is a difference for me between writing and blogging, and not just in the perceived need to find images and pictures to draw out the blog. I really do much better at managing my thoughts when I write them down versus when I type them out.  There is just something creative about the process of manually writing that I don’t get when I type.  This is especially true when I write a poem, or an emotionally based piece.  Many is the time that the act of writing has helped me understand myself and what I’m doing and feeling.

The irony of the post is that….I had the idea down last week but only just finished it today.  How sad! 😦

But at least I’m putting my thought out there, and that is part of what is important to me.




One response to this post.

  1. I feel the same way! I can say to myself “I need to write this down” at least once a week, but rarely do I do it, and then the moment has passed.

    It’s kind of like waking up from a dream and feeling like it was so vivid and real, and then ten minutes later it’s been wiped from your consciousness…

    Glad you’re getting your thoughts out there!


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