Christmas used to be a magical time for me. I loved going to the mailbox, and opening it up to see letters and cards flowing in. As an only child of a literal only and a practical only, I didn’t have a lot of mail. In fact, I started writing to pen pals just so I would have someone to write to me.

Christmas used to be the mother lode of mail. Cards would roll in from all the states that we not only had lived in and left, but that the people we knew had moved to. And in the cards were the yearly missives. This was before the stereotypical ones, when the news contained in them was real and personal. It showed high points and warts, joys and sorrows. And in some special cases (never from my one uncle and aunt though) there might be a picture to remind us of the changes in people.  School pictures were most favored, although occasionally someone would send another type.

Things have changed, particularly in the past decade. I’ve noticed fewer and fewer cards coming in. in general there are fewer people who stay in touch by old-fashioned mail and stamps and cards and seals (remember the old Christmas seals that you were supposed to put on cards?). Now-a-days, most people stay in touch by Facebook or Tumblr or Pinterest or some other social media. The few that send out cards do so through Shutterfly and Snapfish, preprinted and scrubbed clean and clear, with nary an authentic human signature or note to mar it.

Ah….for the good old days.


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  1. Posted by hmunro on December 28, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Ah … for the good old days, indeed! Like you, I’ve noticed a precipitous decline in cards — especially over the past three years. I think it’s in part because I no longer send out cards myself (which I used to conceptualize and illustrate and print and hand-sign and mail by the dozens). In hindsight, I don’t know how I ever found the time to do that! But now you have me wondering whether it might be worth rekindling the effort for next year.


    • I still send out cards. Hand signed. No pictures but a note to whoever is out of state. If you re-kindle, maybe start with the store bought and hand sign them…..and put good Christmas stamps on them 🙂


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