Who am I?

Who am I?

No longer sure, no longer know.

That which was …..is no more.

That which is…..is not certain, not clear.

Mirror’s reflection….unmatched in mind.

What I was — now lost — is no more, never to be.

Not now husband, not father, not family, not loved.

Not integrated, connected, joined; now unmoored, unguided, unsure.

Value and worth …..reduced. Or not?

Existence and purpose …..worthwhile? Or not?

To feel lovable, loved…..or not?

What am I now?



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hmunro on December 2, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    It sounds like you’re a wonderful human being who is going through a period of turmoil and transition. From your comments on my blog I’ve always gotten a sense that you’re tremendously emotionally intelligent … and I think that will serve you well during the tough times ahead. I wish you well, Jeff, and hope that the image in the mirror will soon reflect your full value and worth, which no external event can take away.


  2. I love to see your new writing creation in this prose. However, you ARE a father, always will be. Even after separation, divorce, death. you always remain a father, and family. That can never be taken from you. And the greater love is our Father’s love, and our Father’s family. So no matter what earthly family we have, or we had and lost, we always have our Father. And we have our Father’s love. So we are ALWAYS loved, and ALWAYS family because nothing can separate us from the love and ties that bind with our Father.


  3. Your writing is so compelling as it draws me in and makes me pause to reflect on your life, mine, anyone’s. It made me sad for a moment, and reflective, because I have thought some of those same thoughts. But hopeful, too, because I know in my deepest being that the point of Jesus’ message was to tell us not to look to other people for validation and love, as we will always be disappointed, sometimes brutally. He’s been knocking that message into my head repeatedly these last through years, as I have faced injustice at work & hurtful comments from extended family that hurt me to the core. But He assures me that In Him I find unconditional love, so much love that he would die just for me. I know sometimes it can be so hard to see, so my prayer for you is that God makes himself abundantly known to you in the same way through these holidays and beyond.


  4. You are a friend–a good friend— and a good human being. You are definitely loved by your friends. Never ever forget that. Remember what Clarence said in Ir’s A Wonderful Life: ‘No Man is a failure Who Has Friends”. SS


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