Haunting Heartbreak

Some pictures remain with us forever, embed themselves in our mind, seer our conscious, break our hearts. Some even change the course of history.

This one should.


Seldom do I feel in so many ways from a picture.  The boy’s age.  His clothes.  His position. His final serenity after the horrors of the capsizing and drowning.

I have never felt for so many others in a picture.  The photographer who has this etched into his minds lens.  The Turkish policeman, who has to respond to the tragedy.  The father who survived while a wife and another son also perished in the seas.

I cry for the inhumanity of man towards man.  The war in Syria has been waged for four years, devastated a country, killing or making refugees half of the population.  Gas. Barrel bombs. Car bombs.  Refugee camps.  Nothing has captured the horror of the innocents like this one picture.

God grant that the conditions that result in this change.

By whatever means necessary.


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