Found Sources

I need to start writing.



With incredibly hot and sticky weather this weekend, I opted to spend time inside, straightening up the apartment.  One part of this effort was going through the cuttings that I’ve been collecting about things that struck a nerve in me or that I wanted to expound upon, or just on which to ruminate.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I don’t think  had no idea how many articles had been collecting in the little piles, or how long they had been around.  Maybe because they had been in several little piles they seemed less numerous (kitchen, living room, sunny room….every place except the bathroom).  Or because I’d stripped out the useless paper to make the piles flatter (efficiency or self-delusion?).  Or because I’m slowly losing my memory and had forgotten how many blogs I wanted to write but didn’t because of winter and enuie.  I can’t quite go through with the “throw all the things out!” approach to the clippings, but I did weed through and pitch a number of them.  The rest of them were arranged in new piles by topic — politics, society, nature, food (no, not like you’re thinking of food, unless you remember some of my older posts), technology, odds & ends.  Quite a collection, which interestingly enough originates in print sources, because I just can’t avoid my luddite roots in paper and ink.

Interestingly, I’ve seen a few threads that paint different pictures when I see the threads together.  a new perspective gained by the view across the time.  There are certainly a couple of them that will challenge me to change a perspective.  That being said, I need to start pushing them out.

Goes back to the First Rule again, doesn’t it?  Slow learner aren’t I?  Well, slow learners are still learners, so I’m holding on to hope!


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