Weekend events..past and future


I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do this past weekend.  Doing the usual River Hill 4th of July parade doesn’t feel right anymore; it’s been nine years since the divorce and I moved out of River Hill, and while the parade is fun and a reminder of better times, the problem is that I’m alone in a setting that reminds me of that.  So I needed to find something else.

Hocoblogs.com came through on part of it!  They posted about a networking event on the 3rd at Centennial Lake.  I wasn’t really sure I needed to network, but the lake is pretty, it was something to do, and food was involved (that always gets me).  As it turns out I had a really nice conversation with Vicki Marcus, Executive Director of BMoreFit.  The organization brings physical activity to elementary school classroom curriculum, even to classes that aren’t designed for physical activity.  Why?  Because kids need activity, and because they do better when they have it (so do adults…so get up and walk!).  It seems to be a labor of love on her part (much as sustainability is for me)

FUTURE EVENT! They are going to have a DanceWalk at Artscape on July 18 at 11 am with a musical mile.  Check it out!


The other event I went to was the Mt Vernon centennial event on Saturday (yes, I had to wait for the rain).  I went with low expectations because of the rain, but in addition to running into two friends, I learned a few things.  Flaxen hair.  Tow head.  Tow.  And the origin of Pop Goes the Weasel.  All told by a guy who spun quite a yarn while doing it.  The event celebrated the re-opening of the oldest Washington monument in the country, and while the historical re-enactments are done, the monument is still available for tours.

There was also a tour of the Maryland Historical Society (which I never had visited before) and an interesting story of the excavation and analysis of three early colonial caskets from St Mary’s, the first capital of Maryland.  Check it out too!


Hope someone partakes of one of these on your next free weekend 🙂


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