do they?……..#blacklivesmatter

A young black male dies at the hands of a private security officer in Florida.  Protests ensue across the country.

A young black man dies after being shot by a white police officer in Missouri.  Riots ensue demanding justice .

A young black male is arrested and dies in police custody in Baltimore.  Protests and riots ensue.

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A young black police officer is ambushed and killed in Mississippi along with his white partner.  Outside of the town in Mississippi, there’s scant acknowledgement of the crime, no protests about how many police officers have been gunned down this way.

During May in Baltimore, 43 people — the majority black, the majority young, the majority male — died through murder.  No protest.  No march.  No national attention.

I find the dichotomy troubling.  I understand with Florida, Missouri, and even Baltimore, that there is a sense of injustice regarding the system, whether you view “the system” as Government, law enforcement or criminal justice.  I think the law in Florida is wrong, and that lead to injustice and a man freed who should have been jailed.  I think the situation in Missouri was extreme in its outcome, and less than absolutely clear-cut about the scenario and the actions of the victim and officer.  There are numerous questions for Baltimore about how the arrest was handled; something clearly went wrong, at a minimum it was substantial criminal neglect, and the failure of police to act properly lead to a death that should never have happened.

And yet, every day, black men take the lives of other black men.  The month of May in Baltimore was terrible from that stand point.  Why aren’t these deaths the subject of some concern, if not full outrage?  Why aren’t the communities and people who were protesting at the death of one protesting the death of 43, and in ways that don’t result in the destruction of their own community? Why was the black community not marching in Mississippi when an officer of their own is murdered?

I get that this has to do with government, and how the government is viewed.  But still….

That was where this post ended in my draft, where I was going to continue before…before another hate filled, gun-toting manifestation of pain added another chapter to the now all-too-common litany of mass murders, in my old hometown of Charleston.  I couldn’t leave the original post ending where it did.  I am glad that there were marches for the victims, for those who would say that the evil in one young person’s heart did not exist in all.  There will be another blog on that before long, but at least we all agree in this case that black lives DID matter, that they still DO matter. 

We just need to be more consistent, more universal, about realizing that.




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