I broke the First Rule….

It occurred to me this weekend that I’ve made a mistake. A grave mistake, and way too early to have made it. It’s recoverable but still….I makde a mistake.  I broke the First Rule. Even after committing to keeping it, I broke The First Rule.
First Rule?

So by now almost everyone knows it. The First Rule. No? Haven’t seen the movie?  Okay, so the First Rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.  The Second Rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club.  But this isn’t about fight club.

It’s about writing.  The first rule of writing.  I know what it is.  I even wrote about it.  And then I forgot it.  The first rule of writing is write.  The second rule of writing is WRITE.  So ….this is the start of me starting to write again.

I hope with the cold days, frigid nights, that motivation will return.  I hope that daylight brings a desire to do more than curl up in sweatpants and become the leader of the blanket people.  I hope I can blitz through the pile of inspiration that I have stacked up on the coffee table….and the book bag….and the spare room….and the eating table….and…..

You get the idea.  There’s a world of “stuff” that I want to say, to put out there for no good purpose than that it helps me process it.

I just have to remember the First Rule 🙂

Oh, and the mouse?  Just because I think it’s ridiculously hysterical and silly.  And can’t we all use something hysterical at times?




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  1. […] that helps more because at least I’m writing.   Perhaps I’m finally going back to the First Rule and reminding myself of it yet […]


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