I know that the way I see things is not the only way, that everyone has reasons for what they do.  And while mine is not the only way, it does make sense to me.  My approach, my tending to see things differently, is so well-known at work that there is an agreed upon description that the sky is a different color in my world.

Maybe so.

Because many times I wonder why people do what they do….

At the library one night, the woman who passed by 10 empty computer stations to go the end of the row and sit beside me….practically choking me out with the overpowering odor of her perfume.  Why?  Why would you walk past so many empty stations to go further from the printers, further from a sense of personal space, only to bring an unnatural adjacency and simultaneously nauseate me?

In the parking lot, where there are multiple spaces, watching a car pull head first into a parking place where there is no one in the facing space in front of them, only to stop and park in that first original space.  Why?  Why not pull through and avoid backing up, avoid the problems that frequently come in parking lot spaces?

The flip side of the parking lot, watching someone struggle to back into a space…when the space behind that one is also empty, so that they could have done a pull through from either side and saved having to back up.  Why struggle with the challenge when you don’t need to?

On the highway, the car driving the 55 mph speed limit in the right lane while cars go around and pass them at higher rates of speed, which then insists on moving into the left lane.  Not only do they do so without looking, just assuming traffic will allow it, they then maintaining a constant 54 mph speed oblivious to the flow of cars on both sides that are now blowing past it in anger at the impedance to the flow of traffic.

I just don’t get it.  And then I wonder what my quirks are, for Lord only knows I have my own.


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