Writing challenges


I’ve been thinking about the challenges I face in attempting to get back into the routine of blogging and writing.  If I can acknowledge and work around them, I would think that it will help me increase my writing time.  If I can’t see them or tackle them then…..my voice is silenced by the unnamed forces around me.

One of my challenges is habit and technology.  I really prefer to write when I write.  To put pen to paper in a nice journal in a friendly setting and let my thoughts pour forth.  But if I do that, then I need to transfer those thoughts to electrons through the  voodoo magic of plastic keys and silicon circuits, which takes additional time.  For whatever reason, maybe because it wasn’t first nature to me, I don’t compose as well on the computer as I do in a journal.  An added benefit for me of a journal is transportability, because I can take it to dinner with me, carry it to the car repair shop, or even have it at work when an inspiration strikes.

Podiatry is another challenge, because isn’t podiatry a challenge to all writers? No?  Well,  I’ve mentioned the plantars I’ve had for a year, and while it’s better, I’m still not sure enough to go on the long walks each day.  I have been able to walk some in the past few months, and took my first 10 km walk in a year for new year’s.  But I need to be able to come up with inspiration without having to walk.

Habit is a major issue as well.  Not having written regularly since March of last year, it will take me a while to build the muscle memory that is necessary to do this. I used to have a plan of writing once a week…I may have to push that to 5 times a month just to shorten the down-time.  It’s not like I haven’t got a pile of things I want to write about 😉 but actually writing about them, aye there’s the rub.

Life is the other thing that inhibits me.   Not so much life per se but the other things I want to do, need to do, or do that I shouldn’t do.   Writing does take time, and something either has to go, or be improved upon, in order for me to actually accomplish the writing

So, forward into 2015….


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