The secret to writing is…..


It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’m not totally sure I know why that was and what caused it, but it has been a long hiatus since I’ve posted.  Some has been due to health (my feet are better).  Some was due to relationship issues (learning to let go and move on).  And a portion was due to plain overwork (thanks to a particularly tough work schedule this summer and fall).creative writing

I think that I have found, discovered, or uncovered a truth about writing that I overlooked  and hadn’t realized.  I’ve been a writer for a considerable period of time….even back in high school and college I had a journal, kept track of what I was thinking and feeling.  Since then I’ve even started contemplating a whole raft of books I’d like to write, both technical and fiction.  My contribution to the Robinson Nature Center is one of those pieces of writing that I’m in dire need to address.  And yet….I’ve forgotten this most basic fact.

The secret to writing is… write.

Simple isn’t it?  I really can’t get better in my forms and composition, I cannot fill out outlines, I cannot create stories if…..if I don’t actually write.  Whether it is pen and paper writing (which I love) or computer keyboard writing, I HAVE to do actually do it for it to happen.  So I will.  I will not be as particular about the topic, or the style.  They will improve as I progress.  I will not worry about the number of words (despite the counter on the WordPress page).  I will just write.  However much or little, deep or superficial, I feel.  It’s possible there will be improvement over time, one can hope that practice will make perfect, or at least better.  But without actually sitting down and doing it?  Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.

So on to 2015 and the rebirth of the write stuff.


First effort…successful 🙂


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