Fall Fusilade

Dark clouds overhead, moving and churning

Threatening, moisture laden

Driven by upper level winds

Sudden gust blowing through

large and heavy drops

clattering sound, heavy impacts

echo sounds in the car

crunchy sounds underfoot

Acorns dropping

In a fall fusilade


I first noticed them at the library, where they crunched and crackled under the car like so many little bottles breaking apart.  But they aren’t just there.  The sound of falling acorns going through the leaves and canopy in the forest until the hit a house or a tree or a person or the ground followed me through my whole walk the last couple of days.  The summer weather seems to have produced a bumper crop.  There are going to be a lot of fat squirrels this year 🙂

And I’m glad I don’t walk under the hickory trees!



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