GTA. Driving. Restart.

I blame video games.

Now, that statement is an interesting story in its own right.  Video games are a marker for the generations.  They are only distantly related to the old arcade games like Ms Pacman and Galaga.  They aren’t even the same genre as the original Atari, or second generation games.  No, the on-line community of gaming is something reasonably current, and those of a certain age have no real understanding what life is like when it revolves around something other than WoWt.

But the one I really take aim at is ….Grand Theft Auto.  It seems that half of the drivers on the roads have learned how to drive on that game.  It’s as if the consequences of driving are no more permanent than when in the game…restart.  How else do I explain the guy in the Corvette passing the double yellow at 65 mph in the 35 mph housing area on Great Star?  How else do I explain the people who seem to think that it’s okay to be still IN YOUR LANE when they are passing you?  Or the guy on 32 who I saw change lanes 8 times in a mile long section of rapidly moving traffic?


Okay, so I’m not perfect driver.  I sometimes get too close to someone before I change lanes.  I (cough cough) keep up with traffic.  Maybe I am no different from the other drivers.  Maybe they are unable to see their issues and problems, like I sometimes can’t for my own issues.  But could the others please realize the real world isn’t GTA?  That when you get behind the wheel in a real car, there are real consequences, and …..

You get no reset in real life.



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