Antithesis of Solomon

The Wisdom of Solomon.  Almost everyone has heard of it, regardless of your religious affiliation or lack of affiliation.  In the ancient days, King Solomon had a heart for doing things right, for seeking wisdom.  Wisdom…defined as knowledge of what is true and right coupled with just judgment as to action.


Now we have the antithesis of Solomon, the antithesis of wisdom.  Compliments of the Commonwealth of Virginia

A teen girl sexts a picture of herself to her teen boyfriend (no charges against her)  He in turn was accused of sexting a picture of himself to his girlfriend, and was charged with child pornography.  One charge of possession of her picture, and one of manufacturing by sending his picture.  Both were under 18 and the Commonwealth wanted to prosecute him.  In order to prove their case, they wanted to have the boy injected with a chemical that would induce an erection so they could compare him to the image.

What absolute unadulterated lunacy by the system! On so many levels this went wrong.  At the basic level, child pornography laws were designed to protect children from abuse; what no one contemplated were selfies teens and younger taking the pictures of themselves voluntarily and sending them to others voluntarily. While marginally possible to justify distribution if those pictures are shared or stolen, when they stay between the participants it may be an unwise act but it doesn’t really reach the level of what the law intended it to cover.

On another level, there seems to be a degree of sexism here.  She sexts him, he sexts her.  Yet only he gets charged and identified. If this were equitable, both or neither should be charged.

Finally, most egregiously, was the prosecutor who wanted to have the boy injected to medically induce the condition of the picture, so they could compare.  To prosecute against child pornography they proposed both creating it (taking a picture of him) and rape him to do it! (Isn’t rape sexual violence against another against their will?  Isn’t this exactly what the Commonwealth wanted to do?)  Where is the logic in this?

Just WHO is being protected in this situation?  In what alternative universe was this viewed as something acceptable?  Talk about a loss of moral compass.

Solomon would have wept.


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