Feet and writing

I can’t write because of my feet.

No, really.

There has been quite a lull in my writing the past few months. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I was aware only vaguely that my blogging time had dropped to nil.  One portion of it had to do with just the number of other things that were demanding my time, including a lot of time spent recovering from too much work to do in too short a time.  Another portion had to do with the problems of time, and how it’s been compressing on me (more on that one later).  But the most obvious reason was that I couldn’t write because of my feet.  And I have the science to prove it….well, kind of.

The problem from my stand point has been my feet.  In particular, I have been suffering from the dreaded plantar fasciitis.  I never know what it was until I had it.  It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds; it is an inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of the foot.  Which causes pain…..surprising amounts of pain.  My normal routine of 10 km walks every other day evaporated like a light dew in a June noonday sun.

As it turns out, walking improves your mental capabilities and creativity.  For me, something about walking was liberating.  My body was engaged, and my mind allowed to free associate.  I would walk and all sorts of topics came to mind, from free rhyme to space and time.  But without walking…..the creative juices dried up and the blogging came to a stumbling halt.  So apparently for me (and others) the foot bone is connected to the head bone……which makes me think of the old song “Dem Bones” (which is where the line is from)

I’m not healed from the foot problems.  But I AM able to get out some.  And with that, maybe a restart in writing 🙂


image from slowrobot.com




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