Life, magnified

Sometimes I find topics that just appeal to my aesthetics. It happened with the post on the snails . And it happened with a recent article about an exhibit at the Gateway Gallery at Dulles International Airport.   Have you ever thought that an art show, or that artistically gorgeous shots, would come from…..the National Institutes of Health?   Or would be displayed at …an airport?

Well, neither did I.  The colors are dyes or graphic enhancements, but combined with Mother Natures wonderful structure produce some stunning works of art.  I’ve included a couple of the shots, but check out the link for all the gorgeous images!


I like this one because of the colors and the textures, as though it should be in some fantasy otherworldly home of elves and other fantastical creatures.



This one conjures an image of an ancient civilization, or perhaps a variation on an ancient Egyptian deity or middle eastern kingdom art.

So…log into the site and enjoy them 🙂



2 responses to this post.

  1. These are insanely beautiful!


    • I thought so too! Strikingly so given what they are. Detail and structure and beauty all in one invisible place. Makes me think perhaps God just likes to create pretty 🙂


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