Urban agriculture

It has been a far longer hiatus from blogging that I expected it to be.  Actually, I wasn’t intentionally planning on taking a hiatus, it just sort of happened.  More on that later.


One of the more recent blogs I’ve seen (because I follow it!) involved urban agriculture, and I thought it was quite interesting. Now while the impetus for the Cuban adoption of a program of taking vacant urban land and using it for agriculture was driven by political problems and sanctions, the impact and usefulness of this approach shouldn’t be missed.  While we aren’t a third world country, there are certainly enough people living in food poverty and food deserts with unused urban (and suburban) land available that this approach could easily be applied here as well.  How much improvement in personal health could be accomplished through the combined improvement in diet and in the outdoor exercise of farming?  I know that urban ag is occurring in the dead zones of Detroit, and other cities are doing this in limited fashion in rooftops.  It strikes me as a program with no down side.




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