Passing Thoughts

The past few weeks, as I’ve been reading the newspaper (yes, they still make them, and some of us still read them!) I’ve become aware of the obituaries.  I’m not really sure why.  But on more than a few occasions I’ve noticed the pictures attached to them.  Sometimes, it’s a memorial to a son or daughter who passed before the parents, always a sad thing. A number of the pictures I’ve noticed have been of very old, very weathered and frail people.  The pictures many times look staged, as from a last birthday party or a final holiday.  The people are clearly not well, the pictures not very flattering.  I suppose they were the easiest to find.  Others are wonderful shots of a healthy vibrant person, only to find when focusing on the dates that the picture is 20 or 40 or 50 years old.  I wonder if that is how the person viewed themselves, as if frozen in that particular age.  Since I’m loathe to have my picture taken, there stands little chance that I’ll have one at all — either as the twenty-something student I still mentally see myself as, or as I am really, physically exist.  That, plus the fact that the family tree has been sawed away to a single stump – me – says that it won’t make any difference anyway.  I wonder if I could get a picture of cute cat put in instead?  THAT would get attention!


Lionel and Butterscotch when they were visiting me last year. I miss them and their owner.   Wonderful cats 🙂

I also had occasion to think about how death arrives.  A co-worker went home from work recently and found the spouse dead in the house of natural causes.  It was a surreal and unexpectedly unhappy day I’m sure.  But it made me realize that at least someone came home to find them.  I stand a good chance of being one of those people, like the twins in Chattanooga or the woman in Detroit, dying at home and having it be years before someone discovers me.  Hmmm….actually, it wouldn’t take that long.  Since I don’t have automatic bill payer, the apartment management office would no doubt show up a couple of weeks after a missed rent check.  So yay, I won’t lie there for years!

I know, pretty unusual passing thoughts.

And always a play on words when I can 🙂




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  1. I stopped taking the daily newspaper and one of the things I miss is the obituaries. Our mortality is an eternal question , to put it in an oxymoron-ish way. We could all, depending on circumstances, die alone. I like your suggestion of a cute puppy or kitten picture. maybe it will catch on?


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