Hal’s back…..and HAL….and more..

Hal’s back.
The deer in my area who looks like the one in Gary Larson cartoon? Well, not quite, it has a white flank instead of a bullseye, but it’s still a major problem from a camouflage perspective


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But when I hear the name Hal, I equally think of the HAL 9000. Was I the only one who noticed that the ads for the new Droid


From buydroidphones.com

looked JUST LIKE the HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey?


HAL 9000 from Wikipedia entry

I don’t know if it was urban legend or truth, but I remember someone telling me that the HAL was named by moving one letter to the left for the big computer company….IBM (okay, Wiki quotes both Clarke and Kubrick as saying nyet, that isn’t true!)

Except IBM isn’t a big computer company anymore. A report in the Washington Post about it triggers a slew of thoughts about both the decline of the semiconductor and computer industries in the US, and the horrific impact the switch to “maximizing shareholder value” has had in the destruction of industry and manufacturing in this country.  I had long thought we’d lost the bubble on the balance between corporate short-term requirements and national /community interests in long-term requirements, and the article and others helped clarify that it was indeed an idea gone rogue.

I think “maximum shareholder value” needs the same birthmark as Hal.  And that’s how Hal lead to HAL lead to that 🙂

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