Love, one year

It started last year in a most unexpected way. I was attending a Superbowl party that was outside of my usual lines of friends, and thus out of my comfort zone. There was a gal there that caught my eye, ginger-headed, vivacious….and flirty. The flirting went full-bore through several rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Eventually we were alone together, and talked (and did black light drawings too). Somehow, something stuck.Through the next month of on-line talks. Texts. A rare lunch date. Medical crisis.  Until….

Finally we gave in and fell in love with each other.  There’s always a new relationship energy; ours ran for months.  Dinners, cats (see “17 weeks”). Clingasaurus. Stories written to each other about each other.  IKEA, the store.  IKEA the song  (Ikea: just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen. Ikea: selling furniture for college kids and divorced men!)  Shopping,  Late nights.  Long nights.  Talks. A pisan’s love of pizza (Uno’s, Papa John, made at home, it didn’t matter) .  Cool spring and sweltering summer. Tepid fall.  Her new apartment.  Her horrible job.  Tire blowouts. And…..expectations.


It ended up being the expectations.  The months flew by so fast for me that they were hardly seen.  Ten months?  Really?  Are you sure?  Didn’t we just meet?!  What was a blink of time for me was measurable time for her.  Worse, it was significant time. Time to commit or move on. To say this is long term….or end the term.

We couldn’t.  I couldn’t move that fast.  She couldn’t stand to cut it off.  Until one day she did.  Ended it.  Civilly, amicably, with tears and hugs from both of us.  It was over.  Love.  I had it this year.  I want it again.

Love, one year.


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