Memory Seen

I was walking along the sidewalk in a townhouse portion of the community a little while back, enjoying a transitional fall day, when I saw … a  memory.    It was a scene of something that I had long forgotten.  Despite the time that had passed, the rebirth of the memory was quick and complete, and surprised me in the remembering.  A young father was out with his little daughter.  He was dressed in casual office attire of khaki pants and Oxford shirt, she in the typical stretchy pants and tennis shoes of her age group.  She was on a pink bicycle with a white wicker Toto-type basket.  She had her training wheels on, and he was by her side, trying to help her learn to ride.  He was talking to her, encouraging her, guiding her, directing her, moving with her in the halting progress she was making down the sidewalk.


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Once, in what now seems likes eons ago, I was there, trying to  help my girl learn how to ride.  Despite the distance in memory, it was in reality only 6 years ago. Whether it was a lack of skill on my part, or her mother’s genes, I don’t know, but she neither enjoyed nor really learned to ride a bicycle.  While I spent most of my summers on a bike until I was nearly sick from the heat and exhaustion, my daughter was significantly less interested in riding.

I hope he has better luck in his teaching session than I had.  I also hope that, some day in the future, he will see a scene like this and remember the days spent with his girl.

As I remember the days spent with mine.


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  1. I just helped my two younger daughters to ride bikes this fall. I say “helped” and not “taught” because they really learned on their own in my presence. They needed my hand to support them at first, but they did the real work. Isn’t that always how it goes. I can hardly remember when my oldest learned to ride, and it’s been less than five years. Reading, swimming, and biking are like the three miracle milestones of childhood – once they learn it’s like they were born knowing. Thanks for helping me remember my days with my girls.


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