Time Travel

Travel, from my earliest memories of it, had been a special and civilized activity.  It used to be an exciting experience, one to be savored and enjoyed because of its uniqueness.  It was limited, in my early years, to that rare week (or sometimes two!) of summer vacation where we would leave home and travel a circuitous route to our beach destination.


motel image from cardcow.com

In those days, there were one-of-a-kind motels with character, unique names, some with distinctive neon signs.  Room keys on big plastic tabs.  The particular glassline wrapping that went around the drinking glasses in the bathroom. In the drawers of the desk, sometimes stationary and a postcard of the motel.  Big, thick yellow pages in the nightstand, along with a Gideon Bible.  And of course, the little bars of soap so often hoarded and collected like precious metals.   il_570xN.440693836_kwwo

image from etsy.com

Things are so different now.  Travel has become common enough that staying in a motel is no longer exciting.  It has become humdrum, much as the character of the motels.  Chains, with little distinctiveness to differentiate one city from the next. No stationary. No postcards.  No phone book or Bible.  Plain plastic cards for keys.  Instead of relaxation, it includes connector cables and power cords for the now-ubiquitous laptop.  No longer for fun, but geared towards increasing productivity.

It’s a shame, what we’ve lost.

And don’t even start me on air travel……….


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