Food Trucks

There has been, over the past weeks, a number of times where food trucks have been described and discussed.  The context is something like eliminating food deserts, cultural diversity and community creation, or just food quality. The only common theme in the articles is food, and serving it out of a truck.  All of these articles have piqued my curiosity, to see what the buzz is about.  They are even coming up in discussions at work as a means of food service when the cafeteria is closed for renovation (kudos to whoever was out of the box on that one!)



One of the challenges of suburban living is that I don’t get the opportunity to try food trucks. Now, from one stand point, the idea of eating quality cuisine out of the back of a mobile chow wagon is, well frankly it’s a bit odd.  There’s enough of my ex’s OCD about germs to cause me to think twice about that aspect, even knowing they are regulated.  Maybe it’s the image from days of old, of an old wagon driving up to the industrial plant and grimy steel workers covered in cinder and ash coming out for bulk food of marginal quality.  Clearly, things have changed.  There is even buzz about gas station food!

There is, I suspect, some good environmental sustainability issues to be examined in this phenomenon.  From the negative, obviously a truck takes fuel to run, and not just in moving around but in preparing and keeping the food on board.  However, at the same time, they do offer the potential for more variety in an area without people getting in their cars and driving to lunch. Net benefit in terms of energy I suspect.  They also don’t have the environmental costs (and environmental footprint) of restaurants in terms of bricks and mortar, or of the climate control that goes with them.  Economically, they would seem to be able to fit a nitche, especially in areas where there is no business outside of the work day crowd, although severe weather (and government furloughs) can impact profits.  Locally, with the renovation of the nearby mall and the downtown area, I wonder if anyone has thought about setting a spot aside for food trucks for selected nights or times.

Interesting idea for sure.


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