American Crisis……redux

Congress has no credibility, among any group in the country or the electorate.  Deep, deep divisions exist between parties over almost everything, from revenue and taxation to foreign affairs and, of course, ending the war.  There is even in some the belief that there should be no “united” states.  the future looks bleak, forlorn, nearly hopeless.

The scenario is, surprisingly, that of the country in 1781-83, at the end of the Revolutionary War.  I recently finished reading “American Crisis: George Washington and the Dangerous Two years after Yorktown, 1781-1783”.  I was struck by how similar to the current temper of the country could be easily matched by that of the country 230 years ago.  Actually, that whole time period has, in at least tone and tenor, a surprising number of similarities with the current political climate.  The difference is that at time we at least had Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and several other brilliant, selfless leaders to help navigate the course.  Today, sadly, it seems we have two ends of the spectrum with not much more than vitriol to offer.  Yet, perhaps, there is a comfort in knowing that this level of angst, this scale of disfunction, this amount of danger, is not new and that we have the ability to endure and move past.  Maybe, knowing that we survived that period of turbulence,  there is some solace in knowing that “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

I hope so.



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