Missing Marker

Every Wednesday morning I meet with a group of guys from church for breakfast at the local Bob Evans.  These meetings have been going on for four years at this point. While the food is always good (and always the same week after week; it’s amazing that almos no one ever changes their order!) we gather not for the food but for the fellowship.  The talk is not just sports or the weather or stocks.  No, rather the purpose is to support each other as husbands, fathers, and men in our faith walks.  I’ve learned a lot from this band of brothers, enough that if there had been a group like this two decades ago, I might still be married :-/


Here recently the meetings have begun to slip a bit, pushed out by a surge of 8 am meetings at work for some, trips out of town by others, or issues at home for still others.  I miss the meetings.  I find it interesting that now without the meetings I no longer can identify what day of the week I’m in!  This meeting has become such a marker in my week that its absence means I can’t figure out where I am in the week.  I never realized how much of a marker in terms of time it was.  A change in the routine. The missing of a marker.  Time to challege the group to re-energize I guess.  Otherwise, it looks like I’m destined to never figure out what day it is…unless a camel starts to come around to remind me 😉


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