Write Time, Write stuff

I seriously need to evaluate when and where I write.


When I started this blog in its original venue, I was diligent about writing.  I wrote everywhere, carrying  around a notebook with me to record my sights and sounds, my opinions and thoughts.  I would create poems while walking, or wax lyrical about what i saw around me.  I realize that a good size chunk of motivation was the depression I was in three years ago.  I”m very thankful the depression has (mostly, at least) lifted, but I do miss the writing.  A major bump up in the number and sizes of projects at work is going against me now and scarfing up free time.  Earlier in the year, it was illness /weather/ a sciatic nerve that kept me from walking as much and ruminating as much.

Still, I need to figure out what I want to write…scratch that, i need to figure out when and where I’ll write.  A specific place would be good (oh, yes, the table I used to write on?  It was a Lionel sized surface and the cat was very frequently there).  So I ended up not writing as much.  And it shows here in the paucity of postulations.

I guess it’s back to trying to do this weekly.  I should figure out which day I plan to post (I assume that catching readers eyes is worse on Monday) and post something, even it’s short, or odd or rambling.

We’ll see how well this works out 😉


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