A Village Loses A Tuesday Morning

Where I live, what would otherwise be called neighborhoods are called Villages.  Several villages circle around a Village Center, which is supposed to be the social hub and glue for the identity of the villages.  The Centers are, in a functional sense if not architectural, almost cookie cutter in terms of their layout and tenants.  They house the seemingly ubiquitous immediate necessities of suburban living: bank (of some variety); gas station; grocery store; liquor store; fast food; dry cleaners; nail salon.  Some had interfaith centers, a couple had art centers, along with the village center offices.  My village center was unique among them, because it had a REAL store.  Granted, it was an odd one.  It was Tuesday Morning, which while not a real department store, at least sold a w-i-d-e variety of things from lawn furniture to clothes, bedding, luggage, books — whatever was a remnant, an overstock, a clearance item.

And now it is gone.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that they were leaving, driven out by increasing rent and bad building maintenance.  I’m not sure I realized just how unusual the store was in terms of the villages and centers until I was thinking about the changes I had seen in other village centers.  Then it struck me that the Tuesday Morning was the only “real” store in any of them.  How it came to be there, how no other village had a store, I don’t know.  But somehow I think it is unfortunate that they have gone — like the loss of old-time main street.  I understand that having a store in a village center that is less likely to be used by any shoppers from other than my own village residents is a problematic proposition in terms of viability.  And yet… it still is sad to see it go, like main street has just closed.

I wonder what will fill its space.



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